As an Arizona State Representative, Anthony has served on numerous committees…

  • Chairman Rules Committee

  • Chairman Joint Legislative Audit Committee

  • Vice-Chair of Public Safety

  • Vice-Chair Ways and Means

  • Member Commerce Committee

  • Member Appropriations Committee

  • Member Judiciary Committee

  • And much more…

Below are some pieces of legislation Representative Anthony Kern worked on in the Arizona House of Representatives:

Protecting Our 2nd Amendment

House Bill 2527 – Prohibits this state (Arizona) and any agency or political subdivision of this state, except the legislature, from implementing any law, rule or ordinance relating to the transfer of firearms other than as provided in statute. Stopped cities and towns in Arizona from enforcing anti-second amendment ordinances. Signed into law 03/30/2015.

Teaching the  United States and Arizona Constitutions in Arizona Universities and Colleges

House Bill 2141 – Each University and Community College in Arizona shall offer a course of instruction on the Constitutions of the United States and Arizona, with special emphasis on the Bill of Rights. A University or Community College may NOT offer a degree or certificate to any person unless the person has completed the course. 

Compensation for College Athlete’s as a Result of the Use of the Student’s Name, Image or Likeness

House Bill 2143 – Prohibits a post secondary education institution and an organization with authority over intercollegiate athletics from preventing a student athlete from earning compensation as a result of the use of the student athlete’s name, image or likeness. The United States Supreme Court had a similar case, eventually ruling 9-0 in favor of the student athletes in 2021.

Balancing the Federal Budget – Federalism – Article V

House Bill 2226 – Establishes the Compact for a Balanced Budget Amendment (Compact), calling for an Article V convention proposing the Balanced Budget Amendment for ratification (Convention). Signed into law 03/30/2017.

Free Speech on Universities or Community Colleges

House Bill 2615 – Prohibits a university or community college from imposing restrictions on student free speech and from limiting an area on campus in which free speech may be exercised. Signed into law 05/16/2016.

Protecting Israel

House Bill 2617 – Prohibits a public entity (Arizona) from entering into a contract with a company unless the contract includes written certification that the company is not engaged in a boycott of Israel. Signed into law 03/17/2016.