Protect our Elections

Election integrity is paramount to our future. I will encourage random, 100% audits, at periodic intervals to boost voter confidence and ensure election integrity. I will do everything within my purview to ensure it is easier to vote and harder to cheat and require voter ID on all ballots. One person, one vote.

Protect our Families

Strong families are the key to a strong society. I will propose legislation that protects our families, our children from indoctrination, and rights of the parent. I will always be pro-life.

Protect our Communities

All of us want to live in safe neighborhoods and our police agencies are, for the most part, doing a great job. I will always back the blue and support our law enforcement and first responders.

Vaccine and Mask Mandates

I believe in personal choice, not government mandates. It is up to you, the individual, whether or not to take the vaccine or wear a mask. I also believe in parental choice when it comes to their children wearing a mask or taking the vaccine.

Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom is the foundation to our constitutional republic.

Freedom of Speech

Our constitutional right to freedom of speech is being threatened by big tech companies on a daily basis. It is time to look at current law protecting these big tech companies and ensure they are no longer protected if they continue to stifle free speech.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The right to own guns continues to be under assault like never before. I believe it is the only thing keeping the democrat socialists and big government back from a complete removal of our consititution.

Arizona and America First

I will always strive to keep our state and nation first.