~ Arizonan for 30+ Years

~ Husband & Father

~ Community Leader

~ Law Enforcement Officer

~ Active Church Member

An active part of the Republican Party, Anthony Kern is conservative, pro-family, firmly upholds the United States Constitution, and works diligently to promote individual liberty and freedom.

As your State Representative, Anthony Kern fought for secure elections. I’ll keep fighting to fix the process until it’s easy to vote and impossible to cheat. I support law enforcement and our constitutional rights. These include free speech, freedom of religion, and our right to keep and bear arms.

I won the Hero of the Taxpayer award. These were for my record of lowering taxes, cutting spending, and returning more money back to you, the taxpayer.

Also, I won the Friend of the Family award every year in office. This was for my work on increasing teacher pay, school choice, and school funding. I have a strong record of supporting pro-family policies that strengthen and help Arizona parents and kids.

anthony kern family

Protect Our Border

Support Our Police

Protect Our Elections